What can I do ahead of time?

As stated in the rules, only generating ideas or paper mockups can be done before the official start of the competition.

What happens if I’m not going to finish in time?

Check in your code! Each team will have to provide a breakdown of what works/doesn’t work at the end of the competition anyhow, so if anything works, we can judge based on that.

“Better to have coded and lost than to have never coded at all…”

(We apologize. The FAQ writer has been sacked and is being replaced with one who has experience with møøses.)

Can I outsource any part of this?

No. It has to be your own work.

Who owns the code/media I produce?

You do, we don't. If you want keep it and turn it into a real, sale-able web app, go for it. If you want to package it up and share it, please, by all means. And if you just want to bury it out of embarrassment and shame, we'll be happy to console you, tell you you're a great person anyhow and help shovel.

The rules suck!

Sorry. We're always up for future improvement, but generally the rules stay as the are for the current competition.

Isn’t this just like Rails Day/Rails Rumble/PyWeek/etc.? How freaking unoriginal can you get?

If you think this is as unoriginal as we can get, clearly you don’t know us very well. :D

In all seriousness, the point wasn’t originality, it’s to have fun and put a great challenge out there for the Django community. The general formula has existed for a very long time and it’s proven to have been a great time in the past. Combine that with the awesomeness that is Django, and this should be no different.

What’s in it for me?

A chance to strut your stuff in front of others. If we manage to find sponsors, maybe there will be prizes. To push your skills and discover just exactly where your limits are. And maybe, just maybe, have a great time in the process.

What’s in it for you?

Nothing really. We’re taking a financial hit on this one (time to build and money to host) and can’t enter the competition, so there’s not much to be had there. Maybe a little PR/exposure but that’s not the point either. Again, we’re doing this for fun. Anyone detecting a common theme here?

What is fun?

You’re hopeless. Shouldn’t you be using Struts or something?

I don’t think anyone actually asked these questions. Are you just making this all up?

Maybe. See “What is fun” for details.

This year's sponsors include:
Django Stars
Future Colors
Lincoln Loop
Two Scoops Press